SMS mailing to (Life) Lifecell

You can quickly and reasonably send SMS to Lifecell with us. Carry out mass advertising SMS mailing, send individual SMS to friends and familiars. You are not limited to amount.

Our clients can always count on high-standard services, our honesty and the best prices for sending SMS to Lifecell.

The efficiency of SMS mailings

SMS mailing is convenient and efficient way to address multiple objectives, in particular, those related to advertising. Advertising by SMS mailing is one of the most affordable and effective ways o attract and retain customers. The audience feedback on sending mass SMS to Lifecell or other operators ranges from 5 to 50%. It’s far higher than the feedbacks on print production or sending E-mail. Moreover, you can send advertising to clients at any place and time. You need only to have an Internet access.

SMS mailing can be also used to quickly inform employees of the big companies, to send notifications to users of various online services etc. Individuals can benefit from sending SMS to Lifecell in case they need to send a lot of SMS messaged to friends. It’s much cheaper and quicker to use our system rather than do it manually.

Our benefits

  • Favorable cost for sending SMS to Lifecell. The larger the SMS mailing, the cheaper any sent SMS is.
  • Convenient payment methods. You can pay sending SMS to Lifecell via WebMoney, PayPal, Privat24, credit cards, non-cash payment etc.
  • The service is easy to use. User-friendly interface makes it easy to plan and carry out SMS mailing, while notification system on SMS delivery gives you an opportunity to assess the efficiency of the service.
  • High-speed mailing. You don’t have to worry about timely delivery of messages to recipients when using our site to send SMS to Lifecell. Our service allows you to send 30-100 SMS per second.

About Lifecell

Lifecell (Astelit LLC) has been operating in Ukraine since 2005. Its network covers an area where 97.2% of Ukrainian population is living. There are over 9 million subscribers. Carrier operator codes are 63, 93 and 73.