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SMS and Viber messages

According to the leading marketing surveys this is the most effective way to inform your existing or potential customers about forthcoming promotions, events, discounts.

Targeted SMS-mailings

Don't waste your money. Send the messages to your target audience only — of the specific region, area of interest, gender, age. We'll help you!

Easy integration

Easy integration with any system allows you to send messages automatically: password confirmation, delivery of goods, taxi delivery, and more.

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At your disposal is a convenient personal account, 10 free SMS for the test and a personal manager who is ready to help with setting up and launching SMS mailings.




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Why clients choose SmsClub

Convenient, even with a mobile!

View detailed reports, upload them into Excel, import/export telephone databases, create SMS text templates, plan your mailings, send bulk SMS messages in parts over a particular time interval, congratulate the recipients with birthday automatically, and many more.

Convenient, even with a mobile!

Automate sending SMS in 1 day

Easy integration with any system (web-site, billing, 1C, other software) allows you to send SMS to your clients automatically. SMS with password confirmation, the receipt of an order, delivery of goods or taxi arrival notifications.

You save 10% on newsletters

Working without intermediaries, directly with operators, we can offer prices below mid-market, and in addition, the smooth operation of the SMS service.

СМС-сервис, интерфейс удобный интерфейс дружелюбный интерфейс
Таргетированные смс рассылки

Targeted SMS-mailings

SMS mailing is the most selective communication channel with the customers, so the subscriber-base targeting (by cities, interests and so on) allows you to achieve maximum efficiency.

Personalized messages

The simplest example of personalization is addressing a subscriber by name. This step alone increases response by 18%. And in SMS, you can assign personal discounts, gifts, promotional codes and much more.

24/7/365 Technical Support

The polite and competent support team is always happy to help you with any issue - quickly and efficiently.

Простой и функциональный API

Sms scheduler

Plan to send mass SMS dispatches on the desired date and time. And so that they do not create a load on the call center, stretch this process for several hours.

SMS message templates

Create templates for sms, which are often repeated (for example, sending details). Sending the next message, choose a ready template, and small corrections can be made in the editor window.

Automatic birthday SMS

Download the file with phone numbers, birth dates and the names of people you want to congratulate. Write the text and click "Add." Each subscriber will receive SMS on his birthday with congratulations.

SMS and viber mailing service: simple, cheap, effective!

Sms mailing is an indispensable tool for any business. Inform about the arrival of new products, inform about promotions and discounts, congratulate you on the holidays, invite you to visit the new hall. All this does not require significant financial and physical resources, and the result will be an increase in the loyalty of old customers and the emergence of new ones.

What are the benefits of bulk SMS?

Mass SMS mailing to the database is:

  • prompt delivery of any information to an existing or potential client;
  • 100% coverage of the target audience;
  • ongoing customer support;
  • increase in sales and attendance after the first sent sms;
  • simplicity and ease of setup;
  • cheap communication channel.

With SMS service SMS Club, you can evaluate the availability of this marketing tool today, and tomorrow you will receive new responses!

How to set up SMS mailing?

Creating a bulk sms requires a minimum of effort and time. The whole process consists of several stages:

  1. Registration on the site and access to the control panel;
  2. Registration on the site and gaining access to the control panel;
  3. Creating a text message and checking it for correct display on a mobile device;
  4. Sending a campaign (instant or delayed);
  5. Progress control;
  6. Statistics analysis.

Our SMS service offers an intuitive interface, a personal manager and transparent conditions. Convenience and efficiency can be assessed from the first minutes of cooperation!

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