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We have a new phone number: 0800-219-777. Now you can call us for free from anywhere in Ukraine, from any device.
The number is a multi-channel, and it is easy to contact with any department of our company or directly with your personal manager, dialing his extension.

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Individual and mass SMS-mailings

According to the leading marketing surveys this is the most effective way to inform your existing or potential customers about forthcoming promotions, events, discounts.

Targeted SMS-mailings

Don't waste your money. Send the messages to your target audience only — of the specific region, area of interest, gender, age. We'll help you!

Automatic SMS Alerts

Easy integration with any system (web-site, billing, 1C, other software) allows you to send SMS to your clients automatically. SMS with password confirmation, the receipt of an order, delivery of goods or taxi arrival notifications.

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Convenient Cabinet

View detailed reports, upload them into Excel, import/export telephone databases, create SMS text templates, plan your mailings, send bulk SMS messages in parts over a particular time interval, congratulate the recipients with birthday automatically, and many more.

Easy integration

Simple and functional API. Integration of SMS mailings with your own system, website or software. Support of HTTP, XML, SMPP protocols.

Advantageous and reliable partner

We have direct agreements with the operators, that allow us to work without intermediaries and offer you the lowest price and uninterrupted operation of the service.

СМС-сервис, интерфейс удобный интерфейс дружелюбный интерфейс
Таргетированные смс рассылки

Targeted SMS-mailings

SMS mailing is the most selective communication channel with the customers, so the subscriber-base targeting (by cities, interests and so on) allows you to achieve maximum efficiency.

Personalized messages

You can address to each customer by name. This is the simplest example of personalization and it can increase response by 18%. You can also assign personal discounts, gifts, promotional codes, and more.

24/7 Technical Support

Our polite and competent Support team is always happy to help you with any issues. We work quickly and efficiently.