Integration with Kassa 24

Kassa 24 is the optimal fiscalization of your business. SMS distribution of electronic checks is a modern approach to inventory accounting. Quick setup, easy activation allows you to send order notifications to customers. And no more paper checks!


Advantages of integrating Kassa 24 with SMS Club

  • Storage duration. A cash receipt in electronic form sent via SMS does not fade or tear. It is very difficult to lose it, it is convenient to keep it.
  • Saving. SMS with an electronic check reduces paper costs. Integration of PPO Kassa 24 with SMS Club service is free.
  • Speed. Created check templates allow you to instantly send hundreds of checks to customers. All that is needed for this is to enter the necessary parameters once.
  • Recognition. The customer can quickly understand at any time in which store the purchase was made.
  • Automatic synchronization. You do not need to set up the integration of the SMS Club service with Kassa 24. Everything is done automatically.


How to connect SMS mailing?

1. Register on the website

2. Go to Settings and copy your token details.

3. Transfer the data of the token to the Personal Account Kassa 24 Online. Click Save.

4. In your Personal Account, add all the cash desks you plan to work with.

5. Congratulations! You have integrated Kassa 24 with SMS Club.


Details about Kassa 24