Integration with OpenCart

OpenCart is a platform for creating online stores. CMS Opencart is a well-known free e-commerce site builder that does not require significant expenses. The platform is characterized by simple management, easy payment acceptance and fast order processing.

Integration of SMS Club service with OpenCart

The way to the client’s wallet is through SMS messages. The integration of the SMS Club service with OpenCart allows you to send notifications directly from the OpenCart system, and, in turn, quickly respond to any actions of the site user and confidently lead him through the sales funnel. Combining the SMS mailing service with OpenCart is carried out using the SMS Informer module, which was developed specifically for the e-commerce platform.

The integration of the SMS messaging service with the online store increases customer loyalty. Notifications with order confirmation, TTN number, promotional and discount offers are guaranteed to increase customer loyalty and encourage them to repeat sales.

Connecting the SMS Club service with the OpenCart platform provides owners of online stores with a lot of advantages. Quick setup and intuitive interface allows you to:

  • create text message templates;
  • automatically add data from the order to notifications;
  • make mass and personal mailings;
  • plan the time and date of sending messages;
  • add an alpha name to messages.


Details about OpenCart

Setting up for Opencart