Integration of SMS Club with Webasyst

The Webasyst online platform is a single system for efficient business operation. Webasyst combines diverse services and applications. Companies independently choose the necessary applications and customize them to suit their own interests.

Webasyst helps to solve any business problems, from planning a marketing campaign to analyzing the company’s financial performance.


What does the integration of SMS Club with Webasyst offer?

Combining Webasyst with the CMC mailing service greatly facilitates the work of company managers and increases the return on marketing investment.
You can connect mailing lists to any application of the online platform.
Automatic sending of messages via SMS allows you to confidently lead the client through the sales funnel.

Benefits of integrating the SMS Club service with Webasyst:

  • maximum quality of message delivery (all notifications are 100% sent, delivery reports are received);
  • tracking mailing statistics with subsequent analysis in any context (for example, counterparties or customers);
  • mass automatic mailings (the ability to plan the date and time of sending);
  • the ability to create message templates with subsequent editing if necessary;
  • sending personal messages;
  • using an alpha name in emails to increase brand awareness.


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