Automatic voice service
for calling the customer base

Understands and recognizes answers

Uses artificial intelligence

Makes more than
100,000 calls per day

Who needs to call?

Almost everyone who communicates with their clients
by phone and appreciates the time of their employees

For marketers and analysts

Quickly and efficiently make polls, inform about events, collect reviews.

For sellers and consultants

Call the cold base on a large scale, find new customers, save time on updating outdated customer bases.

For politicians and spin doctors

Promptly invite voters, urgently inform or interview residents of a city, region, and even a country.

For credit institutions

Timely warn borrowers about the maturity of loans, tell about changes in lending conditions.

How else can you use
voice mailing service?

If you haven't decided yet whether calling is right for you, compare it with a call center or the work of your employees, take a small test and we will find the best solution for you

Why do our clients choose
voice calls

Calls strictly according to a given scenario, does not complain about customer refusals,
does not go on a break and does not ask for a raise

More profitable than a call center

5-10 times more calls and less costs

Call rate

The equipment allows you to make
+ 100,000 calls per day

Fast start

Launch in 1-2 days of calling
for any complexity

Scenario development

5 years making effective communication
scenarios for the robot

Speech recognition

Unique technology using artificial intelligence and neural networks

Speaker choice

Client hears a voice recording
of a live person or a robot

Fields of application


Lead generation, search for new clients

They call the base of potential customers by a robot under the guise of a survey and find customers interested in a product or service. then they transfer the contacts of warm customers to the sales manager, who calls those who are already interested, and not waste time on cold calls.


Checking the relevance of the telephone base

Didn't the managers want to ring up an outdated customer base? But you can't lose valuable clients? The robot called the base and identified those for whom your goods or services are still relevant.


Identifying the needs of potential customers

Simple interviews are carried out quickly and several times cheaper than a live operator to identify customer needs using open-ended questions.


Studying customer loyalty, collecting complaints and reviews

The robot calls customers and identifies loyal and dissatisfied customers. quickly identifying the dissatisfied and learning the reason from him, you can urgently take action and avoid a scandal or complaints to the regulatory authorities.


Informing about the presence of debt or upcoming payments

Do customers forget to pay the loan on time? but if you promptly remind you of payment, late payments will be minimized.


Informing about changes in the types or cost of services

The robot conducts a dialogue with the client, providing him with the information that he asked to communicate to the robot in the dialogue.


Invitations to any event

Gather full halls for concerts, trainings, webinars. a voice invitation allows you to invite several times more people to the event.


Conducting formative surveys on the target audience

In a short time, they conduct telemarketing research of the largest volume of numbers and collect the necessary data. and form the necessary opinion of the audience about the subject of the survey.

How much can it cost to call

For non-standard orders or large volumes
the cost is calculated individually

Automation of voice communications

Personal voice robot -
assistant for incoming and outgoing calls of any complexity

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Automatic calls to the customer base

The cost of a minute of conversation in order to sell, buy, poll, remind
from 2 UAH per minute

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How we work on your project


Together we collect information, define goals and objectives, the desired result


Conversation script

We analyze the calls of your employees, make recommendations for improvement. Or we develop a call script and agree with you.


Loading the phone base

We check your phone base for correctness, delete duplicates


We sound the dialogue

Auto-dialing can be done with an artificial voice, which is practically indistinguishable from the real one. Or record your conversation with the help of your employee or our professional voice-overs.



We do a test launch, analyze, make edits if necessary and launch auto-dialing to the entire client base



Call results are transmitted in the form of complete statistics in a convenient format, call recordings in audio format and in text form.


Still have questions?

Fill out the form and our manager will call you back as soon as possible and advise in detail

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0 800 219 777


SMS Club affiliate program

For advertising agencies, owners of CRM systems and loyalty systems.

Enter into an agency or partnership agreement with us and get 20%
from the cost of all calls initiated by your system

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Voice dialing by a robot - features

After going through all the stages of work with our manager, starting from downloading the database of numbers and choosing a script, and ending with a test by ringing the robot, the project is ready to start. You can independently determine the start time, configure the speed of dialing and the number of repetitions of calls to the unanswered subscriber. As a result, a full report will be provided in audio and text format.

At all stages of the setup, you will be accompanied by a manager. He will answer any questions, guide you through each setting item, so that in the end this communication channel is fully consistent with the objectives of your business.

How is auto-dialing of numbers carried out?

The robot voice dialing service from the SMS Club Ukraine service is carried out according to the following scenario:

  1. The robot dials up to absolutely every subscriber specified in the database. If the number does not answer, the program will call him at regular intervals.
  2. An approved voice message is broadcast to the person.
  3. ВAt the end of the message, you can set a call to action according to the principle: "Press 1 if your issue is resolved", "Press 2 if not satisfied with the quality of services. "
  4. All responses are accepted by the system. Calls and results are recorded and subsequently entered into a general report.

Advantages of auto-dialing numbers

Auto-dialing numbers is:

  • saving time and money on the staff of operators;
  • accuracy (strict compliance with the set ringing time);
  • complete reporting with the ability to subsequently analyze the data and adjust the business strategy;
  • ease of customization.

At any time, users of the SMS Club service can change the rules and schedule of dialing, adjust the database or make changes to a voice message.