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Integration with the site on Tilda

Tilda is the optimal constructor for creating an online store. The platform is also ideal for startups. Based on Tilda, it is easy to create landing pages for a product or service, to offer offers. The uniqueness of the designer is in its simplicity. To create your own website, you do not need to involve specialists. Even the mobile version of the site is already built into the functionality of the constructor.

Tilda has its own CRM. If necessary, you can connect your own. Also, the site on the constructor is easily integrated with additional services, in particular, payment systems, delivery services, chats, instant messengers and a mailing service. Thanks to integration, the owner receives an effective product for developing his own business and attracting customers.


Website integration on Tilda with SMS Club service

Connecting the mailing service from SMS Club allows you to actively work with the client base. Site owners can use the service to send OTP codes and service notifications. The client who left the application on the website promptly receives a message from the company.

Advantages of integration with the SMS Club service:

  • planning the date and time of shipment;
  • creating your own message templates;
  • use of alpha name in messages;
  • high sending speed.


Connecting the mailing service is simple and fast. For any questions, please contact SMS Club technical support 24/7. Integrate, customize and earn with mailing lists.


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